Suguru is an archangel disguised as a piggy bank.


  • Piggy bank: He looks like an ordinary piggy bank, but with small angel wings.
  • True Form:


He first shows up trying to convince Tenko that Samatarou didn't need her anymore and says that she should return to heaven, they make a deal: she can see how Samatarou does without her for three days, but then she will return to heven no matter what. When he first appeared as a piggy bank, it was shown that whenever you put money inside him he tells the person how much money was deposited wether he wants to or not, which Tenko thinks is hillarious, but Suguru is angered by it.


  • In the last episode, Samatarou's father said It's tough to be a father huh? which may imply that he is Tenko's father.