She is an important character in the series, and the first girl Samatarou had a crush on. She was later revealed to be an angel who had been tricked into thinking she was a devil. While acting as a devil, she took souls via people's dreams, disguised as a Red dressed woman


She has long dark-brown hair and brown eyes, she wears a black school uniform and has a pale green hairband.

As a devil, she had red sclera (the part of the eye that is usually white) and yellow irises (the part that is colored) with snake-like pupils (the black center), and other devil traits commonly used in folklore, such as:

  • An arrowhead ended tail.
  • Large bat-like wings on her back.
  • Grey skin.

As an angel, she looks mostly normal except for a pair of angel wings on her back and a halo above her head.


She acts quite shy most of the time, and made it seem as if she had feelings for Samatarou, she later "came back" (she never left) and asked Samatarou to start dating her. But later she developed true feelings for him.


She first showed up as a transfer student, and was soon after asked to go out by Samatarou. She went on dates with him (most of which went awry), and before she left, he tried to confess love to her, but was too nervous. While she was on the train home, he and Tenko (using a motorcycle and Tenko's angel wings) flew beside the train, and he said something to her, which was never revealed but most likely was his confession. She later reappeared after staying in hiding, covering it up by saying that she transfered back, and asked Samatarou to go out with her.

She was eventually found out to be the daughter of a devil who took souls from humans, much to her chagrin, but her mother, Fumiko, tricked her into doing so and the devil spirit inside her made her want to kill. She was sent by her mother to take Samatarou's soul, which was the original reason for her being around him, but she started to fall in love with him and stopped trying to take his soul, which angered her mother. Fumiko came to try to bring her back, dead or alive. Later, nearing the end of the series, she was revealed to actually be an angel, and that her mother was an angel that lost happiness, and began to live the life of a devil. Afterwards she is helping the Kamiyama family rebuild their house, which Fumiko destroyed. At the end, she is preparing for a group photo taken by Samatarou which includes: her, Tenko, Shinichi, Ai, Misa, Meme and Mama.